Ep 7 Opossum, My Possum

This week on Pillow Fight, Katie Van Patten invites artist Jenna Buschmann to have a sleepover. It's business as usual as we get to Jenna's first crush and most embarrassing moments. From there we mix things up a bit with a new installment of "Spooky Tales to Tell With The Lights Off". Don't forget to rate and review our show on iTunes!! Sleep tight babies!

Click here to discover more about Two Planet Productions

Click here to discover more about Two Planet Productions

100th Hour Spectacular

Today we have a very special milestone episode for Channel Four and a Half, we've officially recorded 100 hours of podcasts! To celebrate, we brought it some of your favorite voices from the past 6 months. We talk Hot Pockets, GangBusters, bad weather, and we try to cross off some things on our bucket lists! with Surprise visits from Aunt Sheryl, 1920's Time Traveler, Katie's Dad, Pat Partridge, and more!
Cast: Landry Miller, Michael Zampino, Hilton Price, Ryan Green, Andrew Deacon, Katie Van Patten, CR Parsons, Laurel George

100th Hour Spectacular Preview!

On 5/22 hear the biggest and craziest podcast to ever come out of Channel Four and a Half! 
With special appearances by Landry Miller, Michael Zampino, Ryan Green, Andrew Deacon, Hilton Price, Laurel George, Katie Van Patten, CR Parsons and more!

Ep 1 Pillow Pilot

Welcome to the very first episode of Pillow Fight with Katie Van Patten and Taylor Cluck! Each week the ladies invite a guest to have a sleepover and play all your favorite slumber party games. This week Kay & Tay welcome Channel Four And A Half co-founder and comedian Ryan Green. Together they improv ghost stories, play F.M.K. with some interesting options, and play a round of two facts and a lie. This week's sponsor is Savage Space, check out all the cool stuff happening over at savagespace.co and become a part of the Savage Space team! Also be sure to check out channelfourandahalf.com and donate to our Patreon! Don't forget to subscribe and review on iTunes, and sleep tight!

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