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Ep 5 Basketball

This week, we're taking on the warehouse with Lacey Hunt and Tony Beatty! Lacey and Tony join Hilton and Brian to look at Episode 5 of Season 1, Basketball! Jim finds a venue where he can take on Roy and get the pretty girl from reception to notice him! Meanwhile, Michael's ready to show off his amazing sports skills, but turns out to have no skills whatsoever! Dwight has silly glasses, and Kevin's a secret star in this action-packed episode! So, listen to our new episode analyze that episode, and don't forget to tell your friends!

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Ep 4 The Alliance

This week, we're watching reality TV with Thomas King! Hilton, Brian, and Tom check out Episode 4 of Season 1, 'The Alliance,' where Jim and Dwight are forced to join forces to fend off the threat of downsizing! Plus, Michael decides to force a birthday celebration to boost office moral, and that means we all learn a little bit about hysterectomies. It's sort of like "Art of War" meets "Our Changing Bodies," but really not like either. So, tune in and come along to Dunder Mifflin with us!

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