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Ep 16 Christmas Party

This week, Brian and Hilton welcome back Michael Zampino along with fellow Office-expert Becky Zampino to check out Episode 10 of Season 2, Christmas Party! The gang talk about Michael's worst moments, Angela's slow-systematic breakdown, Kevin's evolution, who exactly gave who what during Secret Santa, and much more! 

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Ep 15 Email Surveillance

his Week, Brian and Hilton welcome back comedian Lacey Hunt to take on the super cringey episode "Email Surveillance!" We're deep in Season 2, and we're getting a hard look at just how unloved Michael Scott really is. Whether it's his work family, or his improv family, Michael is not finding his people, and it leads to lots of awkward moments! Meanwhile, something might be up between Dwight and Angela, but will Pam like what she learns on her way to uncover the mystery! It's another great episode, so join us as we take another trip to Scranton, PA!

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