Ep 27 Conflict Resolution

Welcome to the People Person's Paper Podcast! Each week, hosts Hilton Price and Brian Sittler and their guests chronologically examine every episode of the hit NBC sitcom The Office, analyzing storylines and character development, and identifying that special something that made this seemingly unremarkable remake of a BBC TV show into a cultural phenomenon.

We're digging into the past for Episode 27! This week, we welcome comedian Tony Beatty back to the show to talk about Episode 21 of Season 2, Conflict Resolution! Michael's feeling good about photo day, but when he learns Toby is mediating disputes between the staff, he just has to get involved! Michael's methods may be unusual, but they're also ineffective! We learn some of the greatest rivalries are brewing at Dunder Mifflin, and the one between Jim and Dwight comes to a head in a big way! Will Michael cool the tensions? Will Jim transfer to another office? Will Toby tell Dwight the truth about the permanent file in New York? We'll find out, and you can, too! Watch the episode, then download our latest at the link below and hear our thoughts!

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