Ep 38 My Stepmother is a Damion

Welcome back to another episode of OLA!!! This week, Hilton & Zampino are joined by Damion Shade of We Make Shapes (also host of The Yeti's weekly Writer's Night). This week's Trailer Train features a heist/horror movie combo platter in The Vault and it's Woody Harrelson's turn to play president in LBJ. From there the guys cover an Axl Rose and Billie Joel duet, Dunkirk vs Emojis at the box office, Jay Z's use of his family in his music, Elton John's hot take on the dark side of the music industry, and Dave Grohl on using a pop producer for the new Foo Fighters album. Don't forget to leave us that sweet, sweet iTunes review, ya A-holes! XOXOXO