Ep 18 Opinions, meet Pillow Fight

This week in a very special Channel Four and a Half crossover episode, Hilton and Zampino welcome hosts of the Pillow Fight podcast Katie Van Patten and Taylor Cluck to the show! They discuss Katie and Taylor's brand new podcast Pillow Fight on channelfourandahalf.com and play a couple of games from their show. Then they all jump on the Trailer Train for The Fate of The Furious (a.k.a. Fast 8) and Discovery. Then they talk PlayStation VR sales, Rihanna's impressive humanitarian efforts, Jay Z's problems with modern radio (spoiler: it's white girls), and Patrick Stewart officially hanging up his wheelchair as Professor X. Don't forget to subscribe and review then head over and do the same for our good friends at Pillow Fight. Also, check out our 24 hour streaming radio, playing your favorite podcasts and best local music 24 hours a day!!

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