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Lost Sock Finalecast

After 4 months of undocumented adventures, we catch back up with our heroes of the Lost Sock, only to find that not everything is the way we originally thought it was...

comedyLandry Miller
Lost Sock Godcast: Satan Made God so we will gun

This week Ryan and Landry discuss the tricky subject of religion with Reverand Billy Joel Smith, play a game of "Gun, God, Satan, Knife, Rock Paper, Scissors", get some help from Siri, and have a few unexpected guests enter the studio. This is one action packed episode.

comedyLandry Miller
100th Hour Spectacular

Today we have a very special milestone episode for Channel Four and a Half, we've officially recorded 100 hours of podcasts! To celebrate, we brought it some of your favorite voices from the past 6 months. We talk Hot Pockets, GangBusters, bad weather, and we try to cross off some things on our bucket lists! with Surprise visits from Aunt Sheryl, 1920's Time Traveler, Katie's Dad, Pat Partridge, and more!
Cast: Landry Miller, Michael Zampino, Hilton Price, Ryan Green, Andrew Deacon, Katie Van Patten, CR Parsons, Laurel George

Lost Sock Magnumcast (Season 3 Premiere)

We're back! With some crazy Lost Sock Podcast action. 
In case you need some catching up. After being stripped of their God-like powers, Ryan and Norm-man try to move on with their lives by getting a normal job, live in a normal apartment, with a normal roommate, but things quickly get out of hand when they start working at a diner.

comedyChannel 4.5 Network
Season 2 Finalecast Part 1

The war begins. It's finally time for the Dumb God Valhalla to spring its surprise attack on Cool God Valhalla.

How much blood has to be spilled into the streets before the violence can end? Find out in Part one of the Lost Sock Season 2 finale.

comedyChannel 4.5 Network
Lost Sock Christmas Party

Things get out of hand at the Pantheon of Stupid God's Christmas party. Tensions - high. Stakes - high. Cast of the show - high (allegedly). Only two more episode left of this season! What will happen when the Stupid Gods attack the Cool Gods? Continue listening to find out!

comedyChannel 4.5 Network
Lost Sock Mannequast

Ryan, Landry, and a whole crew of Stupid Gods get in the way when Shitman tries to recruit the God of the Mannequin Challenge to join the Pantheon of Stupid Gods.

comedyChannel 4.5 Network
Lost Sock Prisoncast

Ryan, Landry and Ellis find themselves in prison. There they find a new respect for life and the law, changing their ways and becoming upstanding citizens. Nah, just kidding they escape.

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