Take Your Little Gun And Get Out Of My Trailer Park - TPB S01E01

It’s time to get down to it boys! It’s time to start talkin’ about them episodes! On today’s episode the boys discussed Season 1 Episode 1 of the Trailer Park Boys “Take your little gun and get out of my trailer park.” We’re introduced to most of the cast and the boys even enjoy a mystery liquor challenge to honor Mr. Lahey! Great a quart, light one up, sit back, and enjoy the episode. Follow us on Facebook at GettinGreasy and Twitter at GettinGreasyPod.


Zach Amon, Shawn Singleton, and DeVo

Produced by:
Michael Zampino, Hilton Price, Dustin DeVore, and Landry Miller


Tulsa Media Network LLC

Fuck off Cyrus!

Fuck off Cyrus!