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This week, Ryan Green sits down with Jackson Nichols, Michael Zampino, Jon W Tyler, Ashley Jane-Osborn, Ben Sisseck to talk about Drinking. Also, CR Parsons was there.

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This week Ryan sits down with Thomas King, Shawna Blake, Andrew Deacon to talk about the best of times and the worst of times and everything else that has to do with relationships

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Generic Panel Show: Jobs

This week Ryan Green sits down with Kayse Melone, Laurel George, Jeff Brown, and Benjamin Sisseck to discuss jobs, work, and occupations, oh my!
They detail the worst, the weirdest jobs they've ever had- including a chicken farm and a theatre owned by the church of Scientology. Plus they tell their best "Last Day at a Job" stories.

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Generic Panel Show: Happiness

Ryan Green sits down with Chris Cagle, CR Parsons, Ben Sisseck, and Micah hurt to discuss the idea of happiness, where it comes from, what makes us happy, and of course whether cake or pie is better. Watch our show on the Channel Four and a Half membership channel!

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