Karma-Metta (David Beach)

Karma-Metta (David Beach); Is an American Buddhist Practitioner within the Vipassana tradition of Theravada-American Buddhism. He is an experienced Teacher, Speaker, Workshop, and Retreat Director. Many years ago, while battling an opioid addiction, he was charged and incarcerated for drug related offenses. He used that time as a means for confronting the suffering that his addiction caused. Pursuing his interest in the teachings of The Buddha, and establishing a regular Meditative Practice, David claims to have experienced a True Freedom that transcended any bars or fences which may have surrounded him. Prior to his release, David along with a small group of inmates, received the “Transmission of Dharma” and “Refuge” ceremony, conducted by Anglican Buddhist Nun, Sr. Ellie Finlay (Director of St. Johns Center for Spiritual Formation). Unable to find many local resources to support his practice, David Founded a recovery support Sangha; "The Middle Path Group" centered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the last eight years, he and a team of instructors have offered teachings in Insight Meditation and weekly Dharma Talks to hundreds of attendees. David lives with his wife, son, and dogs in Tulsa and continues to teach and speak on the integration of Mindful Awareness into our daily lives and its powerful impact on the recovery process.