Digital Intercourse: Wax Play

Hey gang! Candles are one of mankind’s most versatile inventions. They can light your path as you explore the basement in a castle, cover up that strange smell in your apartment or set the mood for some sexy time. I don’t mean a romantic candle light dinner because today we’re talking about pouring hot wax on people and the fun ways to scrape and beat it off of them!  Wax play enthusiast Jason is in our kinky studio to give us all the goods. We also talk to his wife and get some details on their 24/7 master slave dynamic. That’s right she is his mistress and he is her slave on a 24/7 M/S dynamic! All this and a little more on this weeks episode of Digital Intercourse.

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Hosted by Tom King, Lauren Turner
Audio Engineering by Landry Miller

Executive Produced by Michael Zampino, Hilton Price, and Landry Miller

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