D.I. Book Club: Ethical Slut

Did y’all know there is a book on sleeping around? Hitchhikers guide to sluthood if you will. Well on the first edition of Digital intercourse book club we dive into a book called The Ethical Slut. It’s a practical guide to polyamory, open relationships and other adventures. We dissect just the first half of this book today because boy did we have a lot to talk about. Jealousy isn’t a justification for bad behavior nor is it an unconquerable emotion. Take responsibility for your own emotions and learn how to cope with them on your own because you’re an adult. Honesty with yourself, your partner(s) and lots of communication will be necessary. Many of the lessons for poly people also apply to monogamous relationships. Learn this difference between a poly community and a sex cult on today’s episode of Digital Intercourse!

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Hosted by Tom King, Lauren Turner
Audio Engineering by Landry Miller

Executive Produced by Michael Zampino, Hilton Price, and Landry Miller

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