Smidgital Intercourse

This week we're getting in touch with our bodies through creative movement with our guest Smidge!
We talk about communication in relationships, sexual deviance, a guy named "River Monster's", and much, much more!!!

Smidge, belly dance instructor, cop's daughter/only child that has found herself ton of precarious situations. She’s has numerous awkward one night stands, figured out the mystery of female ejaculation, and once dosed her vagina with LSD which turned out to be one of her simplest stories.

We give Tinder a new motto: "We're both kinda fucked up... let's bang"

Digital Intercourse is a combination of education and entertainment about everything in the world of sex and relationships. Throughout this series, Lauren Turner and Tom King will be talking about sexual health, activism, and knocking down sexual stigmas. They'll be exploring the world of sex and relationships that exist outside what society deems "normal" with guests that have experience and knowledge of these subjects.
No two people are more qualified to talk about sex and relationships than stand up comics that are a social worker and a burlesque Dancer... Let's get naughty!

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